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Tuesday, Aug. 26th at h.14:00, in the seminars’ room (Via Ranzani 1, floor -1):

 Vicent J. Martinez (Observatori Astronòmic – Universitat de València, ES)

 The ALHAMBRA survey. First data release and first scientific results    


The ALHAMBRA (Advanced Large Homogeneous Area Medium-Band Red- shift Astronomical) Survey (Molino et al. 2013) is a photometric survey cover- ing 2.8 deg. sq. in 7 independent fields in the sky, to a depth of I(AB)~24.5. It uses a photometric system based on 20 contiguous …

The mass distribution of galaxy clusters: a remarkable agreement between theory and observations


Galaxy clusters are the largest and most recently formed cosmic structures in the universe, of which their content is expected to reflect the overall matter composition. They are dominated by the elusive substance that we call dark matter, but they also contain a smaller fraction of matter in the form of gas and stars. Although only these last components can be directly observed with detectors capable of capturing their electro-magnetic emission covering a broad range of frequencies, from the X-ray …

The nature of dark matter unveiled by cosmic collisions: the bullet group


Dark matter (DM) is one of the pillars of our cosmological understanding yet its nature is still elusive. It makes up about 85% of the Universe’ matter but  its presence has been revealed only through gravity.  The most interesting probes of its presence and nature is the merger of two clusters (or groups) of galaxies. Mergers mix the contents of galaxy groups and clusters, but each component behaves differently. While the  galaxies and DM from both colliding parties take part …

Premio Maria Teresa Messori Roncaglia ed Eugenio Mari

Premio dell’Accademia dei Lincei ad Andrea Comastri

Astronomo  Associato presso INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna

Il 26 giugno scorso, in occasione dell’adunanza solenne per la chiusura dell’anno accademico dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e alla presenza del Presidente della Repubblica, è stato consegnato a Andrea Comastri, Astronomo Associato presso INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna, il premio “Maria Teresa Messori Roncaglia ed Eugenio Mari”, che l’Accademia assegna ogni anno, alternativamente, a un letterato o a uno scienziato.

La motivazione del premio recita : “Comastri …

Gara per l’affidamento della fornitura di un interferometro per metrologia dinamica di sistemi ottici

Gara Pubblicata il 23/06/2014

CIG:  58113150D9 CUP:  C31J1200037001 SCADENZA: 21/07/2014 ore 12.00 Oggetto: Procedura aperta per l’affidamento della fornitura di un interferometro per metrologia dinamica di sistemi ottici

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