The antique section owns most of the publications written by the astronomers of Bologna since the XVIII century, e.g. the "Schedae Mathematicae" by Vittorio Stancari, the "Ephemerides Bononienses" and other works by Eustachio Manfredi, Eustachio Zanotti, Ignazio Calandrelli (Rome, 1792-1866). It comprehends books of the private library of Manfredi and several older books, of XVI and XVII centuries, of general astronomical interest (Tycho Brahe's "Astronomiae instauratae mechanica", Kepler's "Astronomia nova", Copernicus' "De revolutionibus" and many others). In 1990 an exhibition of books belonging to the private library of Manfredi took place at the Bologna University Library, illustrating the astronomical background which fed the scientist and giving an overview of the bibliographical instruments available.

Antique books can be accessed from Monday to Saturday, h. 9-14; please contact Marina Zuccoli for appointment.

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