69. Geographical maps
end XVII-beginning XVIII cen.
Charles Hubert Alexis Jaillot (France 1640 - 1712)
Gerard van Keulen (Amsterdam XVII sec.)
Pieter Goos (Amsterdam XVIII sec.)
Ioannes Loots (fl. beginning XVIII sec.)
Guillaume Delisle (Paris 1675-1726)

The Inventario dei Mobili, Utensili e Libri (Inventory of Furniture, Tools and Books) of the Geography and Nautical Room - founded by the Marquis Marco Antonio Collina Sbaraglia (1681-1744) at the behest of Count Marsili - drawn up in 1776 (Archivio di Stato di Bologna - Assunteria d’Istituto Diversorum, busta 11, fasc. 14) lists numerous geographic maps, most of which today belong to the Museo delle Navi of this University. When a census of them was carried out in 1959 by P. Frabetti (op. cit.) some maps were missing, subsequently rediscovered in the Department of Astronomy.
The maps of the old Geography and Nautical Room, their history and a complete description, together with potted biographies of their authors and a vast bibliography, can be found in the cited work of P. Frabetti.
Belonging to the maps still in the Department of Astronomy (and not described by Frabetti) are eight prints illustrating "i Circoli et altre parti della Germania" published between 1700 and 1708 by C.H.A. Jaillot, geographer to the King of France, on drawings of Nicolas Sanson and engravings of Nicolas Cordier [Inv. MdS-151 a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h], an illustration of the West Indies by Pieter Goos, undated [Inv. MdS-152], a Mappe Monde of 1700 [Inv. MdS-153], and a Theatrum Historicum of 1705 [Inv. MdS-154] by Guillaume Delisle (Auteur sur le quai de l’Horloge, First Geographer to Louis XV and great innovator of geographical maps, having corrected the old mistaken longitude which made the Eurasian continent bigger than it was), and two world maps by J. Loots in 1708 [Inv. MdS-155] and Gerard van Keulen, undated [Inv. MdS-156].

P. Frabetti (1959).