"Guido Horn d'Arturo" Library of the Department of Astronomy and Bologna Astronomical Observatory 

The Library
The Library was born together with the establishment of Bologna Observatory
by Eustachio Manfredi, in the early XVIII century, and today is specialized
in astronomy and astrophysics.
It's a part of the University Library System of the University of Bologna.

The library is mainly dedicated to the students of the Course of Astronomy and to the Bolognese astronomers, but counts among its users also amateur astronomers, teachers of the primary and secondary schools and other scholars, interested for example in physics, history and philosophy of science. Students of the scientific Departments of the University of Bologna are also welcome.

The Library owns an antique section (2,500 volumes printed after 1488) and a modern one. The modern library: 6,000 volumes; 900 serials (about a hundred of which are current); 2,000 slides; 100 preprint series, and other publications by astronomical observatories.

Thanks to its eighteenth century origin, the library owns the first issues of serials and publications from astronomical observatories, starting from the XVIII century.

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