Marina Zuccoli, September 7th, 2006

DigLib (now called AMS Historica) was born in 2001 as a complex project, involving a staff composed by librarians, system manager, professors.

DigLib is a library, therefore it has its mission and aims to grow according to it.
Under a cultural point of view, DigLib (AMS Historica) is based on the history and production of the University of Bologna.
The books placed in DigLib are works concerning the history of our University, or written by our professors, or representing the best collections of the University libraries.

DigLib's growth is based upon projects.
The projects are submitted to the scientific board, composed by professors from various disciplines.

Projects and their characteristics
Caratteristiche scientifiche, tecniche e caveat
Alcune caratteristiche di DigLib
Le attivitą in corso