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Bertone, E., Buzzoni, A., Chavez, M., Rodriguez-Merino, L.:
"High-resolution spectral synthesis: 2 Å mapping of UV-optical emission of stellar populations",
2003, presented at the MPA workshop on "Stellar Populations 2003" - Garching, Germany 6-10 October 2003.     The conference proceedings (in electronic form only) are available here

We explore, from the theoretical point of view, the spectral properties of SSPs in the ultraviolet wavelength range. Our models rely on a new stellar library of high-resolution synthetic spectra (based upon ATLAS9 and SYNTHE codes developed by R.L. Kurucz), coupled with the Buzzoni population synthesis code to follow the evolution of the main UV features below 4000 Å in the integrated SED of SSPs. Properties of UV features are compared to those of the optical spectral region, where the Mg2 Lick index is defined. These are preliminary results of our project aimed at singling out those spectral features that can selectively track age and metallicity in stellar aggregates.

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