The Department of Astronomy of the University of Bologna and Bologna Astronomical Observatory
in collaboration with Comune di Bologna

Venus Transit 2004 in Bologna
243 years later ...

May 6th 2004
Aula della Specola, Via Zamboni 33, 3° piano, Bologna
Lecture about “The Venus Transit”.
Pierluigi Battistini (Astronomy Department).

May 20th 2004
Aula della Specola
, Via Zamboni 33, 3° piano, Bologna
Lecture about “The Stellar Distance Determination”. Bruno Marano (Director of the Astronomy Department).

June 7th 2004
Department of Astronomy, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2, ore 21
Lecture about “The eye on the Venus Transit: with the telescope in the 17th, today with the satellite”. Fabrizio Ḅnoli (History of Astronomy - Astronomy Department), Flavio Fusi Pecci (Director of the Bologna Astronomical Observatory).

June 8th 2004
Piazza VIII Agosto, Bologna, 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.
The Bolognese astronomers introduce the observation of the Transit with a solar telescope. Images will be retrieved through a camera and projected on a large monitor.
    Additional solar telescopes will be available for direct observation of the phenomenon. The Bologna Amateur Astronomers will guide the observations.

May 26 – June 20, 2004
Oratorio di Santa Cecilia, Via Zamboni 15 - Bologna
Exhibition about The Venus Transit: measuring astronomical distances.
Images, texts, hypertexts and historical instruments tell the story of the Transit of Venus and its ancient observations. A section of the exhibition explains the origin of the modern determination of the Sun-Earth distance.
Opening hours: May 10-13 and 14-18; June 10-13 and 15-19.


BEWARE - EYE SAFETY. To observe the transit of Venus directly you must protect your eyes at all times with proper solar filters. Do not try to view the sun directly with the naked eye or through any questionable medium, like wearing sunglasses!



Information: Dr Gianluigi Parmeggiani, tel. 051-2095753, e-mail