M31 Globular Clusters

 Revised Bologna Catalogue of M31 globular clusters and candidates: RBC (V.5, August 2012)

 This catalogue will be updated regularly and maintained in electronic form for widest possible accessibility.

!!!!! Please read these notes: !!!!!

The dataset lists all the confirmed GCs, all the known candidates GCs, AND ALSO all the objects that were identified as candidate GCs in the past and were subsequently recognised not to be genuine clusters, each entry being properly classified (GC, candidate GC, foreground star, background galaxy, HII region, etc.). The latter entries are maintained in the catalogue to avoid re-discoveries of objects that may look like M31 GCs and have been already classified as non-GCs. Please take into account the classification flag(s) when you use the RBC.

Tables including all kind of objects (GCs, GC candidates, galaxies, etc.)

§        Table 1: Name and positions

§        Table 2: Photometry

§        Table 3: Radial Velocity

§        Table 4: Structural Parameters

§        Table 5: SDSS photometry

Tables including only confirmed GCs

§        Table 6: Metallicity for M31 confirmed globular clusters

§        Table 7: Lick indices for M31 confirmed globular clusters

A compilation of homogeneous Lick indices estimates for Galactic GCs

§        Table 8: Lick indices for Milky Way globular clusters

Tables of references and notes about catalogue updating

References and description of RBC

What's new in the RBC V.5 see Updates & Revisions [last update:August, 2012]

Read table C09_P10_RBC.tab

and RBC_Caldwell.tab

Master Catalog RBC V.5: combination of information from Tab. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7

Please acknowledge the use of this catalogue. The proper reference is:

Galleti S., Federici L., Bellazzini M., Fusi Pecci F., Macrina S.:
"2MASS NIR photometry for 693 candidate globular clusters in M31 and the Revised Bologna Catalogue (V.1.0)",
Astron.&Astrophys., 2004, 416, 917 (G04)


Other, more specific publications: 

- Radial Velocity. G06

Galleti S., Federici L., Bellazzini M., Buzzoni A., Fusi Pecci F.:
"An updated survey of globular clusters in M31 I. Classification and radial velocity for 76 candidates clusters (V.2.0)",

- Spectroscopic Metallicity Estimates. G09

Galleti S., Bellazzini M. , Buzzoni A. , Federici L. ,Fusi Pecci F.:
"An updated survey of globular clusters in M31 III. A spectroscopic metallicity scale for the Revised Bologna Catalog",

URL: www.bo.astro.it/M31


For contacts & queries please e-mail to Silvia Galleti

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