1999: year of Guido Horn d'Arturo

While starting to dedicate every year of its activity to a major event or initiative, the Bologna Astronomical Observatory has decided to begin by naming 1999 "the year of Guido Horn d'Arturo". This decision crowns a series of initiatives that were taken during the same year in honour of Horn d'Arturo, and namely:

-  the acquisition of the donation of the wide personal correspondence by Horn d'Arturo (between 1912 and 1939), now main core of
   The Guido Horn d'Arturo fonds;

- the dedication of the renovated astronomy library, during a celebration ceremony;

- the publication of books and articles;

- the approval by the local authorities of Bologna and Trieste of the proposal to name two streets of these cities after Guido Horn d'Arturo.

Guido Horn d'Arturo - a scientist, a scholar, a victim of antijudaic persecutions - was already alive in the memory of astronomers, also because his name was given to an asteroid (n.3744), to the Bari Amateur Astronomers Association and to the Bologna amateur telescope. These new initiatives are meant to consolidate his place among the most noticeable Italian astronomers of the XX century.

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