The Bologna Astrophysics Preprints collect the publications of the following research institutions:
INAF-Bologna Astronomical Observatory (OAB)
Astronomy Department of Bologna University (DDA)
Radioastronomy Institute of CNR (IRA)
IASF Institute of CNR (IASF)

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. BAP01-2004-01-DDA
Haiman, Z., Ciotti, L., Ostriker, J.P.
"Reasoning from fossils: learning from the local black hole population about the evolution of quasars"
abstract: (33 Kb)
text:  (325 Kb)
Astrophysical Journal, in press

. BAP01-2004-02-DDA
Ciotti, L., Pellegrini, S.
"On the use of  X-rays to determine dynamical properties of elliptical galaxies"
abstract: (277 Kb)
text: (30 Kb)
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, in press

. REP02-2004-01
Bruni, I., Gualandi, R., Cosentino, G., Ciattaglia, C.
"Manuale utente della camera CCD Hires-IV al telescopio da 60cm di Loiano"

abstract: (24 Kb)
text: (22051 Kb)
Technical Report

. BAP03-2004-03-DDA
Ciotti, L., Binney, J.
"Two body relaxation time in modified newtonian dynamics"
abstract: (27 Kb)
text: (223 Kb)

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, in press

. BAP03-2004-04-DDA
Pozzi, F., Gruppioni, C., Oliver, S., Matute, I., La Franca, F., Lari, C., Zamorani, G., Franceschini, A., Rowan-Robinson, M.

"The mid-IR luminosity function of galaxies in the ELAIS southern fields"

abstract: (32 Kb)
text: (5308 Kb)
Astrophysical journal, in press

. BAP04-2004-05-DDA
Muccione, V., Ciotti, L.

"Collisionless evaporation from cluster elliptical galaxies: a contributor to the intracluster stellar population"
abstract:  (29 Kb)
(1477 Kb)

Astronomy and Astrophysics, in press

. BAP07-2004-06-DDA
Ostriker, J.P., Ciotti, L.
"Active galaxies and radiative heating"
abstract:   (26 Kb)
text: ( 1855 Kb)
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society, in press

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