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Important notice:

In order to maintain the download to a more comfortable size (i.e. within a standard CD-ROM size of ~750 Mb), please consider that the present version of the library is slightly degraded to a resolving power R = λ/Δλ = 10,000.
In addition, we also join here two IDL routines, to ease a straighforward reading of the data and further change the Resolving Power (and/or the FWHM resolution) of the full library, according to the user's requirements. A Fortran 77 version of both routines is also in preparation and will be posted here at short term.
If you are interested in the FULL-RESOLUTION (R = λ/Δλ = 50,000) version of the library please post an e-mail request HERE.

Parameter codes for file names:


m20 log Z/Zsun = −2.00p00 log Z/Zsun = +0.00
m15 log Z/Zsun = −1.50p03 log Z/Zsun = +0.30
m10 log Z/Zsun = −1.00p05 log Z/Zsun = +0.50
m05 log Z/Zsun = −0.50 
Surface gravity:

g00 log g = 0.00g30 log g = 3.00
g05 log g = 0.50g35 log g = 3.50
g10 log g = 1.00g40 log g = 4.00
g15 log g = 1.50g45 log g = 4.50
g20 log g = 2.00g50 log g = 5.00
g25 log g = 2.50 

Effective Temperature: txxxxxx Teff = xxxxxx K (a number between 3000 and 50,000 K)
Microturbulent Velocity: k2 ξ = 2 km/s (fixed)

Download single "all-in-one" tar packages of the gzipped spectra at R = 10,000 for fixed metallicity (~100 Mb each, or 750 Mb in total):

  Mexico mirror @INAOE


UVBLUE_m15.tar UVBLUE_p03.tar

Download single "all-in-one" tar packages of the bzipped2 spectra at R = 10,000 for fixed metallicity (~100 Mb each, or 750 Mb in total):

Italy mirror @Bologna  


UVBLUE_m15_bz2.tar UVBLUE_p03_bz2.tar


Download the tar packages of the compressed (bzip2) spectra at R = 10,000 for fixed metallicity and temperature range (~35 Mb each, or 750 Mb in total):
Mexico mirror @INAOE


Teff 3000-6500 K

Teff 7000-15000 K

Teff 16000-50000 K
UVBLUE_m20_part1.tar UVBLUE_m20_part2.tar UVBLUE_m20_part3.tar
UVBLUE_m15_part1.tar UVBLUE_m15_part2.tar UVBLUE_m15_part3.tar
UVBLUE_m10_part1.tar UVBLUE_m10_part2.tar UVBLUE_m10_part3.tar
UVBLUE_m05_part1.tar UVBLUE_m05_part2.tar UVBLUE_m05_part3.tar
UVBLUE_p00_part1.tar UVBLUE_p00_part2.tar UVBLUE_p00_part3.tar
UVBLUE_p03_part1.tar UVBLUE_p03_part2.tar UVBLUE_p03_part3.tar
UVBLUE_p05_part1.tar UVBLUE_p05_part2.tar UVBLUE_p05_part3.tar

Pick up the individual spectra. @INAOE mirror

Download the compressed (bzip2) file with the wavelength list @OABo mirror

Download the routine to read UVBLUE spectra:

[IDL]   [Fortran 77](*)

Download the routine to broaden resolving power
of UVBLUE spectra:

[IDL]   [Fortran 77](*)

  (*) soon available

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