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Welcome to my Website!
I want to update and summarize here my twofold scientific activity on Space Situational Awareness matters (meteors/NEOs and artificial space debris) and Galaxy spectrophotometric modeling. In particular, you will find here a collection of the original figures, tables and data sets appeared in selected papers from 1983 to date.
This includes the full set of Simple Stellar Population & Template galaxy models, as well as the results of my activity on physical characterization and optical tracking of Space Debris & Deep-space probes.
As a joint effort with the Mexican friends of INAOE (Puebla, Mexico), the UVBLUE & BLUERED library repository of high-res theoretical spectra of stars can also be accessed here.
The site is updated on a regular basis, so don't forget to bookmark this page: new features will be added soon! For any contact, your e-mail message is welcomed.
Have fun!

Alberto Buzzoni

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In the spotlight

Alessi, E.M., Buzzoni, A., Daquin, J., Carbognani, A. & Tommei, G.:
"Dynamical properties of the Molniya satellite constellation: Long-term evolution of orbital eccentricity",
2021, Acta Astronautica, 179, 659.

Colas, F. et al. (w/ Buzzoni, A.):
"FRIPON: a worldwide network to track incoming meteoroids",
2020, A&Ap, 644, A53.

Buzzoni, A., Guichard, J., Alessi, E.M., Altavilla, G., Figer, A., Carbognani, A. & Tommei, G.:
"Spectrophotometric and dynamical properties of the soviet/russian constellation of Molniya satellites",
2020, JSSE, 7, 255.

Vellutini, E., Bianchi, G., Pardini, C., Anselmo, L., Pisanu, T., Di Lizia, P., Piergentili, F., Monaci, F., Reali, M., Villadei, W., Buzzoni, A., D’Amore, G. & Perozzi, E.:
"Monitoring the final orbital decay and the re-entry of Tiangong-1 with the Italian SST ground sensor network",
2020, JSSE, 7, 487.

Carbognani, A. & Buzzoni, A.:
"Spinning and colour properties of the active asteroid (6478) Gault",
2020, MNRAS, 493, 70.

Carbognani, A., Barghini, D., Gardiol, D., Di Martino, M., Valsecchi, G. B., Trivero, P., Buzzoni, A., Rasetti, S., Selvestrel, D., Knapic, C., Londero, E., Zorba, S., Volpicelli, C. A., Di Carlo, M., Vaubaillon, J., Marmo, C., Colas, F., Valeri, D., Zanotti, F., Morini, M., Demaria, P., Zanda, B., Bouley, S., Vernazza, P., Gattacceca, J., Rault, J. L., Maquet, L., Birlan, M.:
"A case study of the May 30, 2017, Italian fireball",
2020, EPJ Plus, 135, id.255

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