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These pages are meant to provide the user with all the relevant data and useful links to my theoretical code for Evolutionary Population Synthesis. You will find here a collection of the original figures & tables appeared in selected papers from 1983 to 2002 and from 2003 to date, as well as the full set of synthetic spectra of Simple Stellar Populations, and the Template Galaxy Models for the whole Hubble morphological sequence. As a joint effort of INAOE (Mexico) and Bologna/Milano Observatories (Italy), the new UVBLUE and BLUERED libraries of high-res theoretical spectra of stars is also available here.
The site is updated on a regular basis, so don't forget to bookmark this link and keep an eye on this page: new features will be added soon! For any contact, your e-mail message is welcomed.

Have fun!

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Avvistato GAIA da Loiano!      (News at Media INAF)
Carraro, G., Buzzoni, A., Bertone, E., Buson, L.: "UB CCD photometry of the old, metal rich, open clusters NGC 6791, NGC 6819 and NGC 7142" - 2013, AJ, 146, 128
SSP model library: Added Ca4455, Fe4668, and Fe5406 indices to the Lick dataset (Set III). The SSP integrated indices rely on the Worthey et al. (1994) fitting functions. See the Readme file for more details.

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