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Welcome to my Website!
These pages are meant to provide the user with all the relevant data and useful links dealing with my twofold scientific activity on Space Debris matters and Galaxy spectrophotometric modeling. In particular, you will find here a collection of the original figures, tables and data sets appeared in selected papers from 1983 to date.
This includes the full set of Simple Stellar Population & Template galaxy models, as well as the results of my activity on physical characterization and optical tracking of Space Debris & Deep-space probes.
As a joint effort with the Mexican friends of INAOE (Puebla, Mexico), the UVBLUE & BLUERED library repository of high-res theoretical spectra of stars can also be accessed here.
The site is updated on a regular basis, so don't forget to bookmark this page: new features will be added soon! For any contact, your e-mail message is welcomed.
Have fun!

Alberto Buzzoni

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In the spotlight

Buzzoni, A. & Riva, W.:
"Fuoco dal cielo: la rete PRISMA verso un nuovo approccio alla Sindrome di Kessler e ai problemi dello Space Weather"
2017, an invited lecture to celebrate Paolo Nespoli's new mission on the ISS and Franco Malerba's 25th anniversary as first Italian astronaut onboard the space Shuttle Atlantis.
Jul 27-30, Festival dello Spazio, Villa Borzino, Busalla (GE), Italy

Space Weather as a Global Challenge 2017,
Embassy of Italy in Washington (USA), May 18 2017

(click to see in highres)

1st PRISMA Day: the Science of Meteors and Meteorites in Italy,
Firenze, Museum of Natural History, May 16 2017

(click to see in highres)

(click to see in highres)

Buzzoni, A., Fan, S., Frueh, C., Altavilla, G., Foppiani, I., Micheli, M., Nomen, J., and Sanchez-Ortiz, N.:
"The puzzling case of the deep-space debris WT1190F: a test bed for advanced SSA techniques"
2017, Proc. of the Stardust Final Conference: Advances in Asteroids and Space Debris Engineering and Science. Eds. M. Vasile, E. Minisci, L. Summerer, P. McGinty. ESA ESTEC (Springer: Berlin) (in press)

Fan, S., Frueh, C., and Buzzoni, A.:
"A Light Curve Simulation of The Apollo Lunar Ascent Module"
2016, AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, AIAA SPACE Forum, (AIAA 2016-5504), Long Beach, California.

Buzzoni, A.:
"Optical tracking of deep-space probes and space debris: small-telescope rebirth in the framework of Space Situational Awareness activities"
2016, an invited talk at the Intl. Conf. on the "Use of Small Telescopes in the Giant Era", May 11-13, Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti, Firenze.

Buzzoni, A., Altavilla, G., Galleti, S.:
"Optical tracking of deep-space spacecraft in Halo L2 orbits and beyond:
The Gaia mission as a pilot case"

2016, Advaces in Space Research, 57, 1515.

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