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Welcome to my Website!
I want to update and summarize here my twofold scientific activity on Space Situational Awareness matters (meteors/NEOs and artificial space debris) and Galaxy spectrophotometric modeling. In particular, you will find here a collection of the original figures, tables and data sets appeared in selected papers from 1983 to date.
This includes the full set of Simple Stellar Population & Template galaxy models, as well as the results of my activity on physical characterization and optical tracking of Space Debris & Deep-space probes.
As a joint effort with the Mexican friends of INAOE (Puebla, Mexico), the UVBLUE & BLUERED library repository of high-res theoretical spectra of stars can also be accessed here.
The site is updated on a regular basis, so don't forget to bookmark this page: new features will be added soon! For any contact, your e-mail message is welcomed.
Have fun!

Alberto Buzzoni

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In the spotlight

Buzzoni, A.:
"The TANDEM Project: a story",
2023, a personal venture and a technical assessment

Fulle, M. and the Comet Interceptor Collaboration (w/ Buzzoni, A.):
"Comets beyond 4 au: How pristine are Oort nuclei?",
2022, MNRAS, 513, 5377

Buzzoni, A.:
"Ultra Wide-field Optical Tracking of LEO Objects: the ASTRA Project",
2022, an oral contribution to the II Stardust Intl. Conf., ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL), Nov 7-11

Buzzoni, A.:
"Advances and Synergies in (Ultra) Wide-field Optical Tracking of LEO Objects",
2022, an oral contribution to the 3rd IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness, ICSSA 2022, GMV Madrid, Spain, Apr 4-6.

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