E. Bertone, A. Buzzoni, M. Chavez, L.H. Rodriguez-Merino

UVBLUE started in year 2000 as a long-term project aimed at computing a high-resolution library of synthetic spectra of stars covering the ultraviolet wavelength range. The work has been carried out as a joint effort of the Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica (INAOE) of Puebla (Mexico), the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan (Italy), and the Bologna Astronomical Observatoy (Italy). The bulk of the scientific output has also been the subject of Lino Rodriguez' PhD thesis.
The synthetic spectral energy distributions (SEDs) rely on the Kurucz' (1993) set of model atmospheres, computed by means of the ATLAS9/SYNTHE code (Kurucz 1995), in its Unix-running version by John Lester.

In the full-resolution grid, stellar spectra cover the wavelength interval from 850 to 4700 Å, at a spectral resolving power R = λ/Δ λ = 50,000. The grid consists of 1770 SEDs, over the temperature range from 3,000 to 50,000 K, with ~342,000 wavelength points each. Metallicity spans the range from [M/H] = −2.0 to +0.5, and considers both dwarf and (super)-giant stars (log g from 0.0 to 5.0 dex). See the reference page for more info and full technical details.
For our library we envisage useful applications especially for abundance analysis in individual stars and for population synthesis studies, in order to address key questions of the overall evolutionary properties of stellar systems.

Given the huge memory size, the full version of UVBLUE is only available upon request on CD/DVD support (in this case, please register here and post a mail from the download page, as indicated). We provide here a slightly degraded version of the library, at fixed resolving power, R = 10,000, together with two useful IDL/Fortran routines to read the data and further degrade the resolving power according to the user's specific requirements.

If you are interested in the data, please don't forget to bookmark this link: new features will be added soon!
Miguel Chavez (left) and Alberto Buzzoni (right) The (Marvelous) Team... Miguel Chavez (left), Emanuele Bertone (center) and Lino Rodriguez (right)

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