X-ray AGN number counts calculator

This tool computes the logN-logS of different AGN populations in different X-ray bands. The output flux range and energy band, as well as the absorption, redshift and luminosity range of the input AGN can be specified in the form below. The output logN-logS is returned in ASCII format in units of S [erg/cm2/s] vs. N(>S) [deg-2].

A concordance cosmology with Ωm=0.3, ΩΛ=0.7, H0=70 km/s/Mpc is assumed.

Please fill ALL fields to make the tool work properly. Click on the parameter names for help and valid parameter ranges.

Band           :    
S min : (minimum flux, in erg/cm2/s)
S max : (maximum flux, in erg/cm2/s)
log NH min : (log minimum column density in cm-2)
log NH max : (log maximum column density in cm-2)
redshift min : (minimum redshift)
redshift max : (maximum redshift)
high-z decline : (apply a decline to the high-z AGN XLF)
log L min : (log minimum intrinsic luminosity, 0.5-2 keV, in erg/s)
log L max : (log maximum intrinsic luminosity, 0.5-2 keV, in erg/s)
Press this button to continue: (Queries may take from seconds to minutes depending on the adopted cuts*.) To reset the form press this button:
*) WARNING: Queries on very large redshift intervals (eg. z_min=0, z_max>=8) may be aborted due to runtime constraints. Please split the redshift interval in two and then sum the outputs if needed.
Please refer to Gilli, Comastri, Hasinger (2007, A&A, 463, 79) for a full description of the CXB synthesis model used in this calculator.

Contacts: roberto.gilli
Last modified: 9 May 2020