In boldface SOC and invited speakers

Proposed title
Ummi Abbas
INAF-Osserv. Astr. Torino

Carlos Allende Prieto
IAC, Tenerife
The abundance distribution in the thin disc

Thomas Bensby
Lund Observatory
The abundance distribution in the thick disc

Ronny Blomme
Royal Observatory Belgium

Angela Bragaglia
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna

Alessandro Bressan
SISSA, Trieste
Evolutionary models and age determination

Alessandro Chieffi
IAPS, Roma
Stellar yields

Carla Cacciari
INAF- Osserv. Astron. Bologna

Francesco Calura
INAF-Osserv. Astron. Bologna
Chemical abundances and cosmological simulations: how far from the truth?
Tristan Cantat-Gaudin
Dip. Fisica & Astronomia, Univ. Padova

Ricardo Carrera
IAC, Tenerife
Open clusters  & abundance trends in the Galactic disc
Katia Cunha

Elisa Delgado Mena
CAUP, Portugal
Galactic stellar populations and planets for the HARPS GTO sample
Valentina D'Orazi
Macquarie University, Sydney -

Paolo Donati
Dip. Astronomia, UniversitÓ di Bologna
The BOCCE project: open clusters as tracers of the Galactic disc

Andreaa Font
School of Physics & Astronomy, University of BirminghamThe formation of the Milky Way disk in the cosmological context (5 min)
Ken Freeman
Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, MSO
The HERMES survey

Eileen Friel
Indiana University, Dept. Astronomy
The radial metallicity gradient as traced from open clusters

Gerry Gilmore
Institute of Astronomy, CambridgeSummary & perspectives

Oscar Gonzalez
ESO, Garching
The metallicity distribution in the Galactic Bulge

Valentina Grieco
Dip. Fisica, Universita' di Trieste
Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge
MÚlanie Guittet
Obs. Paris Meudon
Modeling the Galactic thick disc
Jennifer Johnson Ohio State Univ., ColomboSEGUE & Apogee

Carme Jordi
Departament d'Astronomia i Meteorologia, Universitat de Barcelona

Mario Lattanzi
INAF-Osserv. Astronomico Torino
Gaia and the Galactic thin and thick discs

Bertrand Lemasle
Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen
The radial metallicity gradient from Cepheids measurements

Sara Lucatello
INAF-Osserv. Astrononico Padova

Laura Magrini
INAF- Osserv. Astrofisico di Arcetri
The metallicity gradients in Local Group galaxies

Enrico Maiorca
Perugia Univ.
The s-element evolution in the galactic disk. The role of open clusters and the new s-process scenario
Andre' Moitinho
SIM, Lisbona
The structure of the Galactic discs

Andrea Miglio
University of Birmingham
Bridging the fields of asteroseismology and galactic stellar population studies
Josefina Montalban
Universite' de Liege

David Montes
Universidad Compludense Madrid
Chemical tagging of FGK stars: testing membership to stellar kinematic groups (5 min)
Ambra Nanni
SISSA, Trieste
Asymptotic Giant Branch dust production at different metallicities
Elena Pancino
INAF- Osserv. Astron. Bologna

Ennio Poretti

Norbert Przybilla
Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte Bamberg & ECAP, BambergThe radial metallicity gradient from OB star and HII region measurements

Sofia Randich
INAF- Osserv. Astrofisico di Arcetri Gaia-ESO Survey

Alejandra Recio-Blanco
OCA, Nice

Paola Re Fiorentin
INAF-Osserv. Astron. Torino

Donatella Romano
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di BolognaChemical evolution models

Rok Roskar
Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich
Stellar migration

Jan Rybizki
ARI, Heidelberg University
Correlations between stellar dynamics and metallicity in the discs from a theorists perspective
Paola Sestito
WSO-UV, Madrid
The World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet (WSO-UV) mission
Jennifer Sobeck
OCA, Nice
New SEGUE results on [alpha/Fe]

Rosanna Sordo
INAF-Osserv. Astron. Padova

Lorenzo Spina
INAF-Osserv. Astrofis. Arcetri

Letizia Stanghellini
Planetary nebulae as probes of the Milky Way structure
Oscar Straniero
INAF-Oss. Astr. Teramo
The fundamental role of the metallicity in the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements
Grazina Tautvaisiene
Research Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius
CNO abundances in open clusters and field stars

Monica Tosi
INAF-Osserv. Astron. Bologna

Marica Valentini
University of Liege
Application of asteroseismic results in the field of Galactic research (5 min)

Antonella Vallenari
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

Floor van Leeuwen
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Open clusters as observational isochrones

Clare Worley
OCA, Nice
Metallicity Distribution with the FEROS archived spectra