The High-Redshift Universe workshop

Bologna, June 5-6, 2012

Scientific program and presentations

Tuesday Jun 5th

Cristian Vignali - Introduction and purpose of the meeting
Marcella Brusa - X-ray selected QSOs at high redshift
Fabio Vito - The population of z>3 AGN in the 4Ms CDFS: obscuration and number counts
Mario Nonino - Galaxies and AGN at redshifts 2-5
Gianni Zamorani - High-z galaxies and AGN with Euclid
Roberto Gilli- A combined X-ray/optical search for z~6 QSOs in wide area surveys
Simona Gallerani - Gas and dust in high-z AGN
Massimo Cappi - High-z UFOs
Nico Cappelluti - The nature of the unresolved extragalactic soft CXB: speculations on AGN at z>7.5
Francesco Shankar - Modeling the population of high-z AGN

Wednesday Jun 6th

Fabrizio Fiore - Evolution of the AGN luminosity function and BH demography at high-z
Marco Mignoli - An LBT search for galaxy overdensities around z~6 QSOs
Andrea Grazian - Selection of galaxies at high-z: techniques and datasets
Piero Rosati - High-z lensed galaxies with CLASH
Emanuele Giallongo - Cosmic reionization: galaxies vs QSOs