The 2nd Team Meeting

(PDF presentations are available from the links below)

A. Comastri : Welcome and Introduction
P. Ranalli: Source detection and simulations
F. Carrera: XMM-Chandra source matches
C. Vignali : Optical ID and redshifts
A. Comastri: X-ray spectral analysis
M. Paolillo : Temporal/spectral variability
F. Vagnetti : Variability of alpha_ox
S. Falocco : XMM spectral stacking
M. Brusa : Chandra spectral stacking
K. Iwasawa : Heavily obscured AGN at z>1.7
I. Balestra : Compton thick AGN
F. Carrera : IR power-law galaxies
M. Rovilos : Star formation in XMM-selected AGN with Herschel
A. Finoguenov : CDFS galaxy groups
F. Ziparo : Star formation and environment
F. Vito : z>3 QSOs
N. Cappelluti : The soft CXB in the CDFS
R. Gilli : ALMA proposals
J. Silverman : FMOS spectra